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"When you are looking for an attorney that is 'SUPER' PROfessional, look NO further! I 'HIGHLY' recommend Mrs. Marilyn Diamond of Diamond Law Office, Garden City, NY for your Social Security disability case. She is one of the 'BEST' attorneys that you can truly rely on to handle your social security disability case thoroughly, with trust, fully listens to understand your pain and suffering that you are going through at such a disabling time. Rest assure all of my questions were answered. She handles all the necessary paperwork in great detail and eased my mind from all the uncertainties that I may have had about my case. My own personal definition of her being the superb attorney/lawyer that she is spells out (L)aw's (A)ngel (W)ith (Y)our (E)veryday (R)eassurance (LAWYER).... Like Marilyn's last name Diamond, I can assure you that she and her law firm rates and shines top quality 'DIAMOND' for exceptional law service. Thank you so much Mrs. Marilyn Diamond and Diamond Law for your many years of experience and unforgettable knowledge in handling my case, to a very favorable decision! With much gratitude and appreciation.." Rhonda

"The Diamond Law firm are the best lawyer's I ever used, fast & compassionate they really got the job done thank you so much!!!!"

"Diamond Law offices handled my claim quickly and professionally. I highly recommend them."

"I was recommended to Diamond Law Offices by a friend and I could not have been more pleased at the service and outcome. Marilyn Diamond had handled is Social Security Disability Benefits Claim and she also handled my claim. Marilyn Diamond was extremely professional and knowledge and made me feel that I was in good hands. Marilyn returned all my call in a timely manner and kept me in the loop the entire process. I was amazed at how quick I was approved. I strongly recommend Diamond Law Offices."

"Thanks sooooooo much Marilyn YOU the Best.... Sometimes a "lil kick" is all ya need."

"I highly recommend this firm for any and all legal matters. Very professional with a great amount of individual attention. I always felt I knew where my case stood, and knew I was receiving experienced and professional representation. I will use this firm for any legal matters I might have in the future."

"I am very happy with the services and results achieved by Ms. Marilyn Diamond. She is a very professional person, yet a very easy person to talk with. Ms. Diamond knows her business and goes about it very effectively. I am so glad that I was directed to the Diamond Law Office! I will gladly recommend them to any and all of my friends !!!" Mike

"Marilyn Diamond was the one constant in my life at a time when I was in a precarious position. Out of all the attorneys I spoke to, Marilyn was the only one who actually understood and cared about the position I and my family were in. I had an accident at work due to equipment failure and lost my income, and nobody gave a damn ( as Marilyn stated ). In just few months time after, instead of years, I received a favorable decision with my S.S. Disability case thanks to Marilyn. I would definitely retain the services and recommend them to others, "Diamond Law Offices" in Garden City, N.Y. The way in which my case was handled was professional, courteously and compassionate. I just can't say enough how grateful and satisfied I was with the service and results that were obtained I just can't thank Marilyn enough." Johnny

"My experience with Marilyn Diamond was much more then I expected. She was informative as well as compassionate, I was told by other firms my Social Security Claim would take at least a year and a half to two years to be resolved. Marilyn did it in five months without a hearing or even being examined by one of the S.S. doctors. Marilyn is truly brilliant, I would and have recommended Diamond Law Offices to others. Judging by the results on this case, just imagine what Marilyn and her firm would do with a personal injury case. Its a no-brainer Diamond Law Offices is without a doubt the place to go, and no I'm not getting paid to say this, this is from heart."

"Marilyn Diamond was professional yet courteous and friendly. She kept me thoroughly informed and up to date through the whole process. A very positive conclusion was reached I must add. I highly recommend this law firm!" John

"When I met with Marilyn Diamond I had a list of ten questions I wanted to ask. I never got to ask them because she covered all my questions. She took the time to take me through the process from beginning to end. I left her office knowing I made the right decision to retain her to represent me in my application for disability. I was proved correct a few months later when she achieved success for me on the first try. I cannot thank her enough for her professionalism, honesty and ability to get the job done. I am absolutely going to recommend her and would use her again in a heartbeat."

"You are an honest, forthright person who never made promises. You kept me informed from day one and were always there to answer my many questions. It was my pleasure to meet you, and quite beneficial to retain you. It is very difficult to find new words to express gratitude, but the simple "thank you" seems to say it all. I will recommend you to everyone who needs a lawyer." John

"Thank you so much for all of your help in winning me a favorable decision with social security. I had no doubt you would, just didn't expect it so quickly. It has been very difficult having to depend on others for everything. At least now I will have a little of my independence back, thanks to you." Sincerely, Julie

"We can't thank you enough for all you have done. Your efforts are so appreciated." Dana

"I cannot thank you enough for all your help and patience. This never would have been settled with so little difficulty without all your help. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me. I will surely recommend you highly to all my friends and family. Thank you again." Sincerely, Lynn

"I want to thank you once again for successfully getting a favorable decision. Up until I had met you and we had our talk, I just think I didn't have any chance to successfully pursue this matter. Once again thank you so very much for making it happen!!!" Sincerely, Joseph

"Would highly recommend Marilyn Diamond to family and friends who need an honest,extremely competent and personable attorney." Kevin

"I cannot emphasize how very grateful we are to you. You truly are "a white knight" [apologies for the gender] who knows how to rouse a lethargic, inefficient bureaucracy into doing the right thing within a reasonable period of time. Thank you for focusing your considerable talents and energy to advancing our cause. While I am sure your practice has no shortage of people willing to give testimonies and references on your behalf, please do not hesitate to add our names to the list of your satisfied clientele." With Sincere Thanks, Ed

“You are the best. I've been feeling like a burden. Nothing in my life was certain. I was unable to provide. I started losing my self pride. No words could say how I now feel!! Thank you for everything. A client for life!!” Robert

"Thank you for everything. We truly appreciate what you have done for this family." Karen

"I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help and for making the whole process go so smoothly and quickly. I will definitely refer anyone that I know that can use your services. Thank you once more." Marie

"Thank you so much for all you have done to make my retirement years easier. It is a blessing that our paths crossed. May g-d bless you. There's a Yiddish saying that "our mitzvahs, our good deeds, are the clothing of our soul". So in more ways than one, you are always the best dressed woman in New York." Joel

"I would like to take this time out to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me. I don't know how to thank you. I guess I will just say thank you once again." Cindy

"Thank you for your help! It has made a big difference!" Yours Truly, Bob

"Thank you for helping to create a great year for me." Joseph

"Thank you very much for your untiring help. Often you come into my mind and I feel so grateful to you for your help. May g-d always walk with you and shine his love upon you." Jeanine

"Thank you for believing in me. Your trust and support were much appreciated." Joe

"I just wanted to thank you for handling my social security claim for me. You are truly a very good lawyer! You made me feel at ease, when I was so nervous, and I thank you again for the wonderful treatment that you gave me. If I come across anyone that needs an attorney, I will surely refer them to you, because I was very pleased with you." Sincerely, Barbara

"Thank you for your professional and pleasant manner in dealing with my social security disability process. Whenever I called, you always took the time out of your day to ease my doubts and concerns, and that made me feel like I was your only client -- and we both know that's not the case. I feel confident that you are on my side. Thank you and best regards." Joe

"Thank you so much for your hard work. It really has made my life easier!" Ann

"I couldn't get the words together right to explain how thankful I am. Then I realized that it was because words can not explain how thankful I am.” Maria

"Thanks so much for your help. This will help my family a lot. I don't think I could have gotten through the process without your guidance. Thanks again.” Charles

"Ms.Marilyn Diamond has to be without a doubt the most extremely compassionate, personable, courteous and honest attorney's I've ever met. I believe Ms.Diamond takes a great deal of personal pride in her profession therefore I wouldn't hesitate recommending Marilyn Diamond Law Office to others." Guest37382

"During a period of dire emergency in my life I was amazed by the brilliance of Diamond Law Office. Marilyn is not only an excellent attorney but she is also a phenomenal woman with the patience of Job. She clearly explained every step in the process to ameliorate my situation. Moreover, she gave me faith in the belief in the support of others as human beings. I once had no idea about how I would survive in the future; especially considering the denial of my rights that I spent most of my adult life contributing and building with SSA. She brought the Sunshine out to dispel the storm clouds by winning a favorable decision for my case. I would recommend her services to any and all in need of legal help Terrence C.A. Harris." harriscc_2000

"Marilyn Diamond has proven her commitment to service by providing me with timely and accurate information and support throughout my case, Diamond Law has continually stood by their commitment of serving all my Social Security and Disability Benefits Claim needs at every turn of my case. Diamond Law has adhered to every promise delivering, prompt, accurate and excellent service. Marilyn Diamond has made a positive impression on me and my family by consistently providing good service; if any additional issues arise Marilyn will be the first person we will contact. I strongly suggest you call Diamond Law for all your Social Security Disability Benefit Claim needs." Diversity4u2c

"After many poor and stressful experiences with attorneys over the years, I am HAPPY to say that Marilyn Diamond provided me with the best service. Mrs Diamond always responded, directed and clarified the legal process to me every step of the way. Because of this, I always felt at ease.No STRESS. Mrs Diamond, Thank You and God Bless You Sincerely, Anthony" Anthony

"Marilyn Diamond is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met.She cares and listened to everything I said,explained my rights,spoke in an intelligent and professional manner.I am amazed at how efficient and quickly my case was handled. Not only do I appreciate her tenacity and ability, but I will and have already,referred her name to people who may need her services. I must also commend her polite and considerate staff who helped as well. I felt important and confident in their abilities."

"Thanks so much for your help with my Social Security case you made a difficult process a lot less stressful. Your guidance through the entire process was exceptional and I will always be grateful for what you have done for me and my family. I would recommend you to all my friends and family. Thanks so much Charlie"

"Absolutely amazing attorney. Marilyn Diamond is the most professional, knowledgeable, and considerate attorney. She helped me with my case,and I highly recommend her!"

"Diamond Law Offices, Marilyn Diamond handled my claim quickly, efficiently and professionally. My award was received in record time and I could not have asked for a better lawyer to handle my claim. I would highly recommend Diamond Law Offices for anyone who wants quick, and effective results."

"The Diamond Law Offices helped me through my Social Security Disability claim. The office was extremely helpful and caring. I was always kept informed of what was happening. Thank you so much for all your help. You have taken a big financial load off my back."

"I nominate Marilyn Diamond in Garden City. My daughter-in-law had a broken neck from an accident and Marilyn did right by her-- big time. Daughter-in-law is ok now. Marilyn also did good by me when I was hit. "
I was referred to Marilyn Diamond by a very good friend. When I met her she was very warm and smiling, felt very comfatable right away. She explained everything in detail and walked me thru the process of getting my SSDB. Kept me informed and Marilyn is very knowledgable with SS process. People said " nobody never get SSDB on the first time!" Ha.. you didnt have Marilyn Diamond...approved with a very favorable decision 1st time!!! Will definetly send family & friends who needs a great SSI lawyer! Thanks again MD! Christopher H.
The Diamond Law Offices are the prime example of the kind of firm that you would love to have representing you. Marilyn Diamond handled my case with the upmost diligence and I would recommend this firm's services to anyone. gbrown2075
Marilyn Diamond expedited a fully favorable decision for me on my Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits without the necessity of a scheduled hearing and my testimony before an Administrative Law Judge and SSA Vocational Expert. She put in a lot of work into my case and her diligent efforts are indicative of her professionalism as an Attorney. I would highly recommend her services. Jeffrey
I ,Lorena Quintanilla;feel free to recommend attorney Ms Marylan Diamond,she's really efficient ,responsible and professional,she work on my case and it took only five months to resolve. lorequint_a
Diamond law offices were of great help to me and my family. I would absolutely recommend Marilyn and her team for people in need of such services. Diamond law offices have helped me greatly over the last few years and will continue going forward. Thank You again for your great help and fantastic work on my case. ffapt99
Marilyn Diamond-I want to express my appreciation for your excellent service and guidance. Thank you so much for helping to expedite a favorable decision for me to receive my Social Security benefits! The entire process was un-stressful due to your professionalism and expertise. I will always be grateful for what you have done for my family and I. I highly recommend her. Thank you so much!! Mike Mormon
"How do you write about a lawyer that is near perfection? Upon meeting Marilyn Diamond, we explained our case to her. In turn, she took her time and explained in easy detail what to expect and what we had to do. She answered every phone call promptly. She put all her effort into our case even though she would not make a lot of money. Where do you find a lawyer like that? I'll tell you where. Look for a lawyer named Marilyn Diamond. Sincerely, The Genna's * Auto Accident Case
I was referred to Ms. Marilyn Diamond by a family member and a friend, who years earlier, help them obtained their disability benefits. It was absolutely the right choice. I found Ms. Diamond to be the utmost professional, knowledgeable and determined person in her profession. During such a very difficult time in my life, Ms. Diamond was in my corner. I felt protected, as if I was her only client, even though I knew I was not. She gave me peace of mind. Her tenacity and determination help me obtained a fully favorable decision for my disability. Obtaining such a decision, gave me a purpose in life once again. I will confidently and proudly recommend Ms. Diamond to loved ones and friends. I strongly believe there is no one out there that will represent you the way Ms. Diamond does. JT jt8park

Marilyn Diamond is an amazing attorney. She’s very knowledgeable and a true professional. Marilyn continually kept me up-to-date on my case and if I had any questions or concerns she addressed them immediately. She made a difficult situation a lot less stressful for me and I couldn’t have gotten through it without her. I was comforted knowing she was my advocate. I will definitely recommend her firm to anyone who needs legal assistance, because you can rest assure that you’ll be in good hands.

Diamond Law Offices have done a lot for me over the past few years. One of the best firms to work with. I am so glad I came into contact with them. Mrs. Diamond has excellent experience in serving people and working with them. I highly recommend this firm to anyone who needs help in accident cases and claims.-Maria Iasevoli
The Attorney Diamond represented me in my claim for Social Security Disability and I am very pleased. She is very diligent in her work. I was very pleased the way she met with me at the begining of my claim and went over in detail every step of the process. She also kept me informed in thru out the process from beginning to end of the claim.
Was referred to Diamond Law Offices and never regretted it. Marilyn Diamond handled it professionally, efficiently, and in a speedy manner. I got my favorable decision in a short time without necessity of proceeding with a Hearing. Thank you, Ms. Diamond!