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DIAMOND LAW OFFICES has been dedicated to the representation of disabled and injured workers in the handling of their Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits and SSI Claims --- successfully obtaining favorable decisions and the fullest amount of compensation and benefits that the law will allow -- for over 30 years.

If you have sustained disabling injuries or conditions resulting in, or which are expected to result in, your inability to engage in gainful employment for at least 12 consecutive months and/or injury or disability that is expected to result in death, consult with us immediately to find out if you might be entitled to monetary Social Security Disability Insurance or SSI benefits.

Struggling with a disabling condition or any other kind of disability can be painful for both the person affected as well as their family. In addition to your health concerns, you are concerned about financial responsibilities as well as rising medical costs.

We are dedicated to make sure that those that are suffering from any disabling injury or condition are able to secure the maximum benefits they deserve as expeditiously as possible, and enjoy a fulfilling rewarding life.

Statistics have shown that people represented by knowledgeable and experienced attorneys have been successful more than those without legal representation. This office is experienced and knowledgeable in the very successful handling of these claims for over 30 years.

There is no attorney fees if we are unsuccessful in obtaining a favorable decision for you.**

We would like to get a favorable decision for you on your Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits or SSI claim, but can only do that if you call this office to represent you.
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**Client remains responsible for payment of expenses to obtain their treatment and test records and reports from their treatment sources [i.e.: doctors/hospitals/etc.]; and remains responsible for reimbursement of other attorney disbursements/expenses incurred in the handling of their claim.

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